Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A small page from my CG diary.

Being a 3d artist is never easy. Pressure from work, personal health issues, family, staying updates to industry standards and maintaining a high standard in the CG industry is never easy. I thought of writing something from my daily schedule on my personal blog. Animation can be used in a lot of ways which is helping mankind and is giving employment to so thousands of people from all over the world.

I have always been fascinated by cartoons, animation and CG work from all over the world. I have watched CG work from a variety of people including 2d, 3d, visual effects. Watching movies and playing games are always includes fun and learning from what others are doing in the CG field. Working in CG involves a lot of challenge and working on deadlines is never easy. Working late nights is common and working more than 12 hours is part of life. 

Demand for skillful CG artists is increasing so as new challenges. News channels are producing some amazing 3d animation videos like Say sorry by Zee TV. Television commercials are bringing more appeal to their characters and style of animation. India is doing work for many big production studios. India is moving ahead in animation and I like the way we are producing movies which are giving tough competitions to Hollywood movies. Some nonprofit organizations like TASI are doing a splendid job in organizing Anifest India, biggest annual animation festival. And over 130 animated movies have been produced in India.
Life is tough and how challenging it will be for animation artists in the future, time will tell. But for today, I amended this post.

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